Local Service Opportunities for Big Impact

Bring hope and encouragement to local youth as you share your time, life experience, faith, and friendship through the WLM Leadership Club and Mentoring Program.

Contact Mike Plog at or 

469-213-8777 for more information on how you can #BeTheLight for local youth.

WLM Leadership club


Facilitate a weekly small group of middle school students focused on building their leadership goals.

What is the goal of the WLM Leadership Club?

The goal of the of WLM Leadership Club is to encourage and equip youth with the skills, knowledge, and understanding to realize their potential as an adult. It focuses on three key areas for leadership.

  1. Communication and interpersonal skills
  2. Analytical and critical reflection
  3. Positive school and community involvement

What does the WLM Leadership Club involve?

The club is designed for weekly group meetings held at a local middle school immediately following school. Each group will be facilitated by 1-2 adult Group Leaders and consist of 8-10 youth of the same gender.

All groups will spend the first 10-15 minutes sharing a meal together. Each group will then move to their own room within the school for a 60 minute session.

What is the role of Group Leaders?

Group leaders facilitate a weekly session, guiding and supporting youth to share, learn, and grow. They get to know the youth on a personal level, learn their goals, and help coach them in developing the skills and attitudes needed to fulfill those goals. We ask Group Leaders to commit to facilitating their group for at least one school year.

How do I get involved?

 Contact Mike Plog at or 469-213-8777 for information on the WLM Leadership Club. 

WLM Mentoring Program


Share friendship and your time as you connect with youth at a local recreation center encouraging positive choices for their lives. 

What Does a Mentor Do?

According to Merriam-Webster a mentor is “a trusted guide.” WLM mentors share their knowledge, life experience, faith, and friendship through the following best practices. 

  • Playing basketball, volleyball, ping-pong, pool, etc. - focus on having fun
  • Emphasize friendship instead of changing a youth’s behavior
  • Actively listening – focus on what they are saying and not your response
  • Being real – build age-appropriate friendships
  • Trust-builder – be consistent and keep your word
  • Encourager – look for ways to inspire courage, hope, and confidence
  • Being patient – realize it takes time to connect and build trust
  • Faith in action – give your full time and attention; being sincere 

Where Will I Mentor?

WLM partners with the Haltom City Recreation Center to provide mentors to youth after school.  The Recreation Center is across the street from Haltom Middle School (a Title 1 School).

When Would I Mentor?

WLM mentors commit to at least 2 hours a week at the Haltom City Recreation Center. This can be anytime between 4 PM - 9 PM Monday - Friday. 

How Do I Get Involved?

Contact Mike Plog at or 469-213-8777 for information on the WLM Mentoring Program.