About WLM

What is WLM?

World Light Mission (WLM)

Serving others with our gifts while 

Sharing our faith and 

Shining God’s love into the world 

WLM sends youth and families on short-term mission projects locally, domestically, and internationally. Each project looks different. We work with our site hosts to determine how we can best partner with them. The goal is to provide what will best help that specific site reach their community. This may include some type of camp, carnival, feeding centers, working with orphans, or building or repairing houses. 

Unity, Not Uniformity

We are all part of one body, but are each made with different gifts, talents, and abilities. WLM projects allow youth and families to use their specific gifts for God's glory while serving together. So those with a gift for working with kids are leading an art or sports camp, while another group with a gift for service are building a house.  The result is a beautiful team serving, sharing, and shining together for Jesus.